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a different note all together


Bill Anschell – piano

Rick Bell – tenor sax

Scott Sawyer – guitar

Neal Starkey – bass

Kinah Boto – drums, percussion, scream


Recorded July 14th, 15th and 16th 1997 by Bill Allgood at Allgood Productions, Atlanta, GA

Mixed and mastered by by Fred Story at Fred Story Productions, Charlotte, NC

1  E.B.'s New Dream (Anschell), 8:52
2  Street of Dreams (Young/Lewis), 4:46
3  Crabbin' (Anschell), 5:41
4  Stories We Hold (Anschell), 4:52
5  My Baby Won't Takadimi (Anschell), 6:22
6  Nowhere Man (Lennon McCartney), 7:22
7  Beignet Boogie (Anschell), 5:48
8  Lullaby for Sam (Anschell) 6:18
9  Solar (Davis), 9:22

One of the "10 Best" jazz CDs of 1998
United Press International (UPI)

" (four stars)  Bill Anschell's latest release is an excellent straight-ahead jazz record, with lots of personality and group interplay."
Modern Drummer

"Anschell's own themes - 'E.B.'s New Dream,' 'Crabbin',' 'Stories We Hold,' 'My Baby Won't Takadimi,' 'Beignet Boogie,' and 'Lullaby for Sam,' reveal a strong bent for originality."

"Bill Anschell's virtuosity demands that you perk up and listen."
Jazz Review

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