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Over the past ten years or so, I've begun composing and recording original electronic music. This medium lets me incorporate all my interests and influences, which in addition to jazz include electronica, progressive rock, atonal textures, African polyrhythms and South Indian rhythms. I also get to design the sounds themselves, then build my compositions around them.


Here are my four projects to date, from newest to oldest. "(indistinct chatter)" and "Electro 2" are unreleased, "Impulses" was released on Televisionary Records, and "Forgotten Prison" is a set of tracks from a podcast I scored--KNKX's excellent series of the same name. From more than 20 pieces featured on the podcast, I've chosen my 10 favorites. The "Forgotten Prison" tracks aren't for sale, but--as with the other tracks--you can listen to them in their entirety for free.

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