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Brent Jensen – soprano saxophone

Bill Anschell – piano

Chris Symer – bass


Produced by Brent Jensen
Recorded by Chris Spencer at SophiaHat Studios, Seattle, WA on June 30, 2011
Mixed by Bill Anschell at Bill Anschell Studios, Shoreline, WA
Mastered by Dan Dean at Dan Dean Productions, Inc., Mercer Island, WA
Artwork by Aleksandra Alekseeva
Artist photos by Daniel Sheehan
Cover design and layout by John Bishop

1  All Blues 5:29 (M. Davis, arr. Symer)
2  Just Squeeze Me 7:48 (Ellington/Gaines)
3  How Deep Is The Ocean 4:20 (I. Berlin)
4  Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise 6:39 (Romberg/Hammerstein)
5  There Will Never Be Another You 4:26 (Warren/Gordon)
6  Blue Monk 4:02 (T. Monk)
7  I. O. U. 4:56 (Anschell/Jensen/Symer)
8  Star Eyes 3:49 (Raye/DePaul)
9  Yardbird Suite 3:11 (C. Parker)


"So low key you might miss just how smoking it is the first few times around. Well done."
– Chris Spector, Midwest Record    

"One might assume that Jensen and Anschell have worked together extensively. It can be heard in the passion and precision, the new life, one might say, that they bring to this session."
– George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon   


"These three exceptional veterans are all deserving of much wider recognition, and this rewarding effort merits a follow-up recording."
– Ken Dryden,

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