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When Cooler Heads Prevail


Bill Anschell – piano

Rodney Jordan– bass (1,2,4,5,6,7)

Neal Starkey– bass (3,8,9,10)

Kinah Boto– drums, percussion

Recorded August 27, 2000 and October 28, 2000 by Bill Allgood at Allgood Productions, Atlanta, GA

Mixed by Fred Story at Concentrix Music and Sound Design, Charlotte, NC

 1  Sweet and Lovely (Arnheim/Daniels/Tobias), 7:47

 2  Dear Old Stockholm (trad. Swedish) 6:07

 3  Undercurrent Event (Anschell), 6:01

 4  Little Niles (Weston), 9:13

 5  No Hurry (Anschell), 5:19

 6  La Flor de la Canella (Chabuca Granda), 5:01

 7  If It Isn't One Thing... (Anschell), 5:41

 8  One More Mile (Anschell), 7:00

 9  Woody's Turn (Anschell), 3:34

10  Angels Watching Over Me (trad. spiritual), 5:36

"Anschell presents one lovely melody after another and follows that up with adventurous improvisation. His keyboard work brings out crystal clear patterns that sparkle. The session offers variety and fresh material."

– Jim Santella,

"Bill Anschell has hit another home run with his new release, When Cooler Heads Prevail, an astonishing follow-up to his very successful 1998 release, a different note all together."

– Larry Dane-Kellogg, Noteworthy (Coastal Jazz Association)

"Cooler Heads is a superb document - forward-leaning both harmonically and rhythmically, with a clear reverence for the past

– James Rozzi, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Anschell's original compositions are inventive and delightful...(his) relaxed and fluid playing can become powerful and intense when called upon.”

– Ed Trefzger, Yellow Dog Jazz Review


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