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Mixed and recorded by Bill Anschell at Bill Anschell Studio
Mastered by Eric James at Philosophers Barns Mastering


2011 Northwest Jazz Recording of the Year  

– Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Awards



– Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes   FULL REVIEW


"An excellent set."

– Adam Greenberg,   FULL REVIEW


"Anschell stretches and bends the familiar melodies to near-breaking point, in turns ruminative, playful, dark, and sparkling...Figments:  Bill Anschell alone and letting go, taking a risk that pays off nicely."  

– Dan McClenaghan,   FULL REVIEW


"I haven't enjoyed anything this much in years."

– Ric Bang, Jazz Scan   FULL REVIEW


"Anschell's 'fooling around' amounts to a postmodern study of American music... Anschell hits a walk off grand-slam with Figments." 

– C. Michael Bailey,   FULL REVIEW


"'Figments' is abstract, free and accessible.  It offers the listener a personal view of Bill Anschell's musical mind... All around a very good album worthy of anyone's time and ears." 
The JazzLine


"Figments...has the qualities of nocturnal reminiscing -- relaxation, free association, bemusement."

– Doug Ramsey, Rifftides   FULL REVIEW

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