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More to the Ear than Meets the Eye


KUOW Anschell feature - Bill Anschell
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Bill Anschell – piano

Jeff Johnson – bass; John Bishop – drums: tracks 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11

Doug Miller – bass; Jose Martinez – drums: tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 8

Rich Cole – tenor and soprano sax: tracks 5, 7, 9

Thomas Marriott – trumpet/flugelhorn: tracks 2, 6

Produced by Bill Anschell
Recorded 3/2/06, 3/5/06 and 6/22/06 at Studio X, Seattle, WA; Recording engineer:  Reed Ruddy
Mixed by Bill Anschell and Larry Anschell at Turtle Recording Studios, White Rock, BC, Canada 
Additional mixing by Reed Ruddy at Studio X
Mastered by Mark Gunther, Seattle Disc Mastering


 1  Night and Day (Porter) 5:24            
 2  Bent (Anschell) 6:15    
 3  Crazy He Calls Me (Sigman/Russell) 4:40
 4  Emily (Mandel/Mercer) 5:53
 5  Faster than the Speed of Mildew (Anschell)  5:25
 6  Humble Origins  (Anschell) 8:02
 7  As the Crow Flies (Anschell) 6:15
 8  I’ll Take Romance (Oakland/Hammerstein) 5:24
 9  Morning Fog (Anschell) 5:55
10  Alone Together (Schwartz/Dietz) 6:46
11  At the End of the Day (Anschell) 6:08        

Chosen as one of the "10 Best Jazz Releases of 2006" by Ken Franckling (UPI, Downbeat) and Harvey Sidars (JazzTimes)


Listen to a short feature on More to the Ear than Meets the Eye from KUOW’s “The Beat”

"A consistently rewarding piano-trio album" 
– Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes


"Forthright lyrical beauty and spontaneous chance-taking that always hits the mark"
– Dan McCllenaghan,

“He's an unsung hero of the understatement. A lavation, a magic, a mystery and totally original. He'll play the same song different ways, every time, even if it's his own. You want an original take on the new and old, then this is your message of the year.”
– Dick Crockett, The Voice, 88.7, Sacramento


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